Ramapo Reacts: A Shifting Societal Issue

In contemporary society, American culture is often referred to as heteronormative, or as a nation where heterosexuality is acknowledged as the social standard. In a culture dominated by institutionalized norms and policies, laws reinforce the belief that romantic relationships should only exist between men and women who fit complementary gender […]

Don’t Place the Blame on Video Games

The Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting has finally opened Americans’ eyes on the issue of gun control, but once more people are looking to blame the entertainment industry.  Video games seem to be receiving some of the blame for the violence and aggression apparent in our culture.  When are people […]

A Letter from the Web Editor

Since this paper was established in 1969 it has been a weekly print publication. Now, in the span of two semesters, it has launched online as well as transitioned to publishing twice a week. The print edition will continue to come out on Thursdays, but now look for new stories […]

The Tea Party: A Eulogy

Family, friends, loved ones, I come to you today with a heavy heart as I have been given the humble honor of delivering this eulogy. I never thought this day would come ;but as we gather here let's take a moment to honor and remember our dear friend, the […]

Ramapo Needs to Bring Back EMTs

When the student-run Ramapo Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) squad was disbanded in 2011, Ramapo lost one of its greatest assets in preparing and caring for the community. The squad, which consisted of approximately 15 students, provided emergency care with a full range of standard EMT equipment. Most notably, the service […]

Americans Should Take More Interest in Education over Athletics

The United States is bursting with genius, but America isn’t the land of the intellect that we would generally associate with the definition of the word. Rather America celebrates the more disappointing “athletic genius.” It seems insane, as more jobs rely on a reasonably advanced education we still insist on […]

Local Groups Deserve Recognition for Sandy Relief Efforts, Too

Superstorm Sandy rocked the worlds of thousands of people who unfortunately lived right in her path of destruction. The cost to repair the major damage has been estimated to be an astronomical $36.8 billion, and that is just for the state of New Jersey alone. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo […]

Body Image: An All-too Common Problem

Do yourself a favor. I am going to give you instructions, and I want you to follow them no matter how unnerving or awkward you find them to be. Go into your room, bathroom, wherever you can find privacy and a mirror. Now strip. Seriously. Strip down to nothing but […]

A Letter from the Web Editor: Welcome to the New Website

Most people today, particularly college students, ingest the majority of their news online. Starting today, Ramapo College students can now get their Ramapo News content, including campus, local and national news, opinion and columns, arts and entertainment features, and college and pro sports stories on the web. Like most professional […]

Obama’s Encore: The Best is Yet to Come

It’s over. It’s all over. Campaign 2012 is officially in the books, and I don’t know what to do with myself. I have an idea-let’s recap the last 11 months of pure, blissful and unadulterated entertainment that was the 2012 Presidential Election. To make life easier, we will start in […]