Tag: Abortion

Texas moves forward with anti-abortion laws

Photo courtsey of American Life League, Flickr City councils hold many responsibilities for the communities they serve, ranging from passing ordinances relating to public health and safety, including business. Six city councils in East Texas are taking up a self-appointed responsibility: restrictive ordinances forbidding abortion in their towns. In Waskom, […]

Trump administration makes wrong move against ACA

Photo courtesy of U.S. Congress, Wikipedia President Trump and his administration took another step this past week to dismanle Obamacare, as the right to birth control became subject to an employer’s discretion. Congress approved a bill on Friday that granted employers the right to deny the coverage of contraceptives to […]

Pence Leads Misguided Panel on Women

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia Last week, Mike Pence led a panel on women’s empowerment. It closed out a month in which the Trump administration worked to honor women’s contributions to America. He said all the right words, hit all the right beats, displaying him and the Trump administration as crusaders […]

Candidates’ Policies Leave Women Conflicted

Photo courtesy of American Life League, Flickr Women's issues have been in the forefront during this election season, receiving a large amount of press because of the candidacy of Hillary Clinton and the controversial statements made by Donald Trump. While Trump has stated a pro-life position with limited exceptions for […]