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New COIN album lacks cohesion and sincerity

Photo courtesy of Andrewha852, Wikipedia. American pop-rock band COIN started teasing their fourth album in October of 2021 with the release of their single “Chapstick.” On March 25 they released “Uncanny Valley,” a 14-track long exploration of how the human experience can be defined and expressed in light of rapidly advancing […]

Weezer releases a boring, withering dud of an EP

Photo courtesy of micadew, Wikipedia. On March 20, Weezer released their new EP, “SZNZ: Spring.” This EP is the first in a series of four EPs set to be released by the band throughout the year with each release meant to correspond to a different season. While the concept for this […]

Surprise album “Crest” is a gorgeous hidden gem

Photos courtesy of ParadigmTalentAgency and Daniel-Sannwald, BLIP. Bladee and Ecco2k shocked fans on Friday when they released their joint album “Crest” with no prior announcement. The album marks the latest in a long line of collaboration between the two Swedish artists, both part of the musical collective Drain Gang. The whole album […]

As It Is revisits pop-punk roots in fourth album

Photo courtesy of Unknown Author, Wiki. After their experimental third album, As It Is has returned with “I WENT TO HELL AND BACK,” another new endeavor in sound that fits perfectly in their discography. For some bands, returning to the roots of their music after a heavy step away can feel […]