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Courtney Barnett is too in her comfort zone with new album

Photo Courtesy of Bruce, Wiki In a lyrically self-reflective whirlwind of tight drums and classically apathetic vocals, Courtney Barnett has returned with her latest album, “Things Take Time, Take Time.” Although Barnett has always leaned toward the passively nonsensical to mask the truth of her lyrics, this album paints a […]

Remi Wolf exhibits groovy maturity in debut album

Photo by Harlen Cruz Remi Wolf may be the brightest musician on the rise, and she is already nearly at the top. With her neon, flashy, textured fashionable fits and backgrounds, her music, persona and lifestyle all channel authenticity and distinct taste.    The 25-year-old Californian’s debut album “Juno” dropped […]

New Poppy album is equally fresh and intense

Photo courtesy fo Justin Higuchi, Flickr Goodbye, synthy bubblegum pop. Hello, eardrum-bursting guitar-screeching grunge. The genre-hopping Poppy is taking us on a tour of yet another version of herself in 2021’s “Flux.” “Flux” is the fourth studio album to be released by Poppy. The eclectic, seemingly shape-shifting musician got her […]

Demi Lovato’s new album reveals personal growth

Photo courtesy of marcen27, Flickr   Demi Lovato released her seventh studio album “Dancing with the Devil… the Art of Starting Over” on April 2. This album documents Lovato’s journey of self-acceptance and recovery, as this was the artist’s first big music release since being hospitalized for a drug overdose […]