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Fashion trends chill and thrill this winter

Frost and crisp weather have finally arrived, just in time to bundle up for the upcoming 2023 winter season. Bundling up does not have to be a bad thing – just make it stylish and you are ready for the season! With the winter season approaching, staying warm and comfortable […]

Large businesses are the planet’s biggest threat

Photo courtesy of Seattle City Council, Flickr Last week, Jeff Bezos donated $10 billion to climate change. Where, though? To his own charity. This almost comes as no surprise, as Bezos is not known primarily for his philanthropic endeavors. The donation comes as a reconciliation to Amazon employees coming together […]

Amazon lays off employees as they continue to grow

Photo courtesy of Adam J. Reynolds, Wikipedia Amazon, the second largest U.S. based corporate employer, will be instituting a large number of layoffs at their Seattle headquarters in Washington over the next few months, the Seattle Times reported. Amazon was founded in 1994 by Jeff Bezos and stood out by […]

Streaming Services Still Cannot Beat Television

Photo courtesy of Netflix, Wikipedia Netflix has become the one of the primary ways that society watches television shows and movies. With its streaming abilities allowing people to watch anything anywhere, nostalgic television shows that people might have missed when it was on TV are now available to watch. That […]

Apple Plans Streaming Service to Combat Competitors

Photo courtesy of Anthony22, Wikipedia Apple will move forward with its plans to create an online streaming service featuring original content, according to an article published by NPR last week. The undeveloped service, which would place the iPhone company in direct competition with established streaming services like Netflix, Hulu and […]