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New iPhones come with hefty price tags

Courtesy of Apple It has been nearly a week since Apple CEO Tim Cook came out to defend the new iPhone prices and the craze to obtain the newest device despite its hefty price tag. The company initially released three new iPhones, the iPhone XR, XS and XS Max, with […]

Apple Plans Streaming Service to Combat Competitors

Photo courtesy of Anthony22, Wikipedia Apple will move forward with its plans to create an online streaming service featuring original content, according to an article published by NPR last week. The undeveloped service, which would place the iPhone company in direct competition with established streaming services like Netflix, Hulu and […]

iPhone 7 May Mark the End of Headphone Jacks

Photo courtesy of Kãrlis Dambrãns, Wikipedia Moments after Apple released the specifications of the latest iPhone model, unveiled at its annual event earlier this month, news feeds on all types of platforms were buzzing over the company’s decision to remove the beloved headphone jack. As one of the first companies […]

Student: ‘We Must Be Vigilant About Our Privacy

Photo courtesy of Kcida1, Wikipedia George Orwell wrote “1984” as a cautionary tale to show us how post-World War II security measures had the potential to overtake our freedom. Now, in 2016, his fears about privacy look like they are about to be realized. On Dec. 2, 14 people died and […]

FBI Challenges Apple for Rights to Encryption

Earlier this month, a federal judge ordered technology giant Apple to comply with an FBI request to unlock the iPhone of one of the gunmen involved in the San Bernardino terrorist attack. The FBI attempted to unlock the phone themselves, but was unsuccessful due to the security features Apple has […]

Smart Watch Manufacturers Seek Niche

Photo courtesy of Maurizio Pesce, Flickr Smart watches are progressively adding more features and becoming more advanced. It is now a matter of if they appeal to the public enough for people to buy them. Pebble Time is the only smart watch manufacturer that solely relies on Kickstarter backers to fund […]

Apple Releases Solution for iMessage Issue

Photo by Steve Fallon Apple has finally made an effort to fix an issue that has been plaguing those users who have switched from an iPhone to phones that do not run on Apple’s software. People who have recently switched away from iPhones have had trouble receiving text messages because […]