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Halloween costume trends take notes from pop culture

With the pandemic curve flattening, people are more likely to trick-or-treat, dress up and attend Halloween celebrations this year. Consumerism and media are on the rise, creating the perfect incentive for people to participate in costume-themed gatherings. As easy as it is for people to choose traditional costumes, like iconic […]

Better Call Saul finishes strong with sixth season

AMC’s critically-acclaimed “Better Call Saul” recently wrapped up its sixth and final season, much to the admiration of its fans. The show’s finale, which aired on Aug. 15, marked the ending of an unforgettable era of television. While the series stands as a spinoff prequel of the award-winning “Breaking Bad” […]

‘Breaking Bad’ Fans Enticed by New Spinoff

Photo Courtesy of Gage Skidmore, Wikipedia “Better Call Saul” debuted on AMC Feb. 8 with high hopes and expectations from viewers worldwide. The new series is the highly anticipated spinoff of the very successful Emmy award winning series “Breaking Bad” which aired from 2008 until late 2013. “Breaking Bad” is […]