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Illegal immigration on the rise: Is Biden to blame?

Thanks to increasingly polarized views, immigration has been a controversial topic in American politics, especially this last decade. Opposing views on immigration were exacerbated during the Trump Administration. Anti-immigration sentiment caused immigration laws to become more strict, which led to an uptick in illegal immigration. When Biden took office, his […]

Biden Admin ignores main cause of gun violence

America is no stranger to gun violence. With schools practicing lockdown drills, discussions of teachers carrying guns and more security roaming the halls, this fear is always on our minds. But why do we put the responsibility of protection on the schools rather than the source of the guns? This […]

U.S. military strikes Syria and Iraq, 22 killed

Photo courtesy of Gage Skidmore, Flickr A U.S military airstrike dispatched by President Joe Biden targeted several buildings located between al-Bukamal, Syria and Qaim, Iraq at 1:00 a.m. local Syrian time last week. London-based human rights organization Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported the deaths of 22 individuals from the […]

Biden administration invests billions in COVID-19 relief

Photo courtesy of jlhervàs, Flickr The United States has officially surpassed 500,000 coronavirus deaths. Millions of Americans are on unemployment and living paycheck to paycheck. The supply of vaccines has been scarce, leaving millions of senior citizens and those who possess health issues short handed. In response, the Biden administration has […]