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Birch Tree Inn cooks up disappointment

For students who have lived on campus in Bischoff, Mackin, The Overlook or Laurel, Ramapo‚Äôs Birch Tree Inn dining hall has been the only place to turn to for meals aside from cheap microwavable food or going out to eat. I personally have lived in Mackin and Laurel, and I […]

Construction Continues into the Fall Season

Photo by Giancarlo Sepulveda The construction taking place around Ramapo College campus over summer break has yet to be fully completed, even as classes are in session. Currently, renovations are taking place around the Birch Tree Inn, blocking off a significant portion of the Atrium dining area, and the outdoor […]

The Atrium Receives Redesign for Fall Semester

Photo by Nicole Williams Over the summer, Ramapo College renovated the Atrium on the lower level of the Student Center, updating the cafe with a modern design to give it an open feel and a bright and welcoming atmosphere. With the Atrium’s new operating hours (open Monday through Thursday 7:30 […]