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Showing Off Beards is a Form of ‘Male Peacocking’

Photo courtesy of Francesco Lodolo, Flickr After scrolling through my Instagram feed this past weekend, I noticed a follow request from a peculiar account: “BEARDEDBADBOYS_NEWJERSEY.” This Instagram page showcased images of grown men exhibiting their beards, as well as memes stressing the power of the beard, especially in regards to […]

Students of Color Present List of Demands to President

Photo by Rebecca King Last Wednesday, Vanna Garcia, Kevin Hurtado, Domonique Jarrett and I met with President Peter Mercer and Kat McGee, director of Affirmative Action and Workplace Compliance, to discuss the racial climate at Ramapo. As concerned student leaders of color on campus, we requested the meeting with President […]

T-shirt Logo Sends Wrong Message About Women

The campus recently hosted an interactive theater program about bystander intervention on campus by a Rutgers student group that travels around the country to teach about sexual assault on college campuses. Prior to the event, the performers learned popular Ramapo slang in order to relate to the audience, and it […]

Community Collaboration Essential for Campus Diversity Initiatives

Photo by Nicole Williams A critical aspect of college life is having the opportunity to explore your identity through programming that often gives students a safe space to learn more about themselves and their respective cultural history. However, the divide in Ramapo’s student body in regards to heritage month celebrations […]

Stigma Attached to Mental Health Inhibits Students

Photo Courtesy of Maarten, Flickr Creative Commons It’s that time again: midterm week is upon us. The semester has flown by and many of us are catching ourselves dazed and confused as to everything we have learned so far. As we approach these frustrating exams and assignments, there will be […]

College Introduces Wi-Fi Across Entire Campus

Photo by Nicole Williams Ramapo College now has something in common with your favorite Starbucks. While the coffee here has not changed, the school’s internet connectivity has. Ramapo College has gone from students bringing their own personal access points to school-hosted wireless internet. Boasting campuswide coverage, Ramapo promises to connect […]