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Starbucks fires pro-union employee

Some Starbucks employees have been trying to become members of a labor union. However, not all locations are having the same success, as some of them are experiencing consequences from corporate employees. Alexis Rizzo, an advocate for unionization, was fired recently. It was cited that she was having attendance and […]

Price gouging for insulin is fatal

In 1923, the patent for insulin was sold for one dollar with the intention of ensuring it remained accessible. It costs less than $10 to manufacture a vial of insulin, yet someone without insurance may be forced to pay over $300 for one. This price gouging puts lives at risk. […]

Corporate activism caters to capitalism

Every year when Black History Month rolls around, worry fills the population as they begin to think about what corporations are going to do as a form of “activism.” In 2021, Twitter user @_shelbyparis tweeted, “Kinda not looking forward to Black History Month for the simple fact we’re about to […]

Patagonia CEO passes reins to non-profit

For the last few decades, Earth and its climate have been steadily declining, awakening a movement for better care and awareness to keep the planet clean. Last week, that movement gained an unexpected but powerful ally. Yvon Chouinard, the longtime CEO of the clothing company Patagonia, announced on Sept. 14 […]

Holiday Spirit at Risk Due to Consumerism

Photo Courtesy of Gridprop For many people, one of the best times of the year is the holiday season. Even now, the meals are being planned, the decorations are being brought out and the Christmas lists are being written. At one time in my life, the holiday season meant spending […]

Redefining Popular Views of Anarchy

When individuals usually think of anarchy, their mind rears to images of chaos, extreme violence, clowns with bad makeup or creepy masks destabilizing the social order and making life miserable for everyone. What if I were to tell you that the image of anarchy in your head is pure fabrication, […]