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Trisha Paytas jumps onto wacky baby name trend

Within the past few years, baby names have become increasingly unusual. It is no shock when celebrities give their children odd names, but that desire for undeniable individuality has found itself trickling down into the public. Just this year, names like Teddy and Ziggy have made their way onto lists […]

The 2019 Grammys are full of fashion highs and lows

Photo courtesy of dvsross, Wikipedia The event of the year for music lovers and pop culture fanatics aired on Sunday – the 61st Annual Grammy Awards. Celebrities and socialites all around the world gathered in the City of Angels for a night full of awards, performances from our favorite artists […]

American Meme looks at social media influencers

Photo courtesy of Meghan Roberts, Wikipedia “The American Meme,” a documentary initially released in April and recently put on Netflix, takes on four different major personalities: Paris Hilton, Josh Ostrovsky, Brittany Furlan and Kirill Bichutsky. It also offers insight into the transgressive world of being an influencer and public figure […]

Politics infiltrate and stir uproar at 69th Emmy Awards

Photo courtesy of Montclair Film Festival, Wikipedia The 69th Primetime Emmy Awards featured many important moments for several popular shows, as the night seemed to center around an unofficial, political theme. The show opened up with a satirical song and dance number by host Stephen Colbert, who referenced current political […]

The Pro Bowl Panders for Audience Amidst Low Ratings

Photo courtesy of Keith Allison, Flickr Unlike any other sports’ all-star game, the Pro Bowl has failed to gain much popularity.  The NBA, NHL and MLB have all marketed their all-star games far better with “all-star weekends” featuring multiple events.  Legendary moments in sports history have occurred during events like […]