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Delta airlines censorship sparks controversy

Photo courtesy of Makaristos, Wikipedia Delta Airlines came under fire for removing same-sex love scenes from the movies “Booksmart” and “Rocketman.” Both films were edited by a third-party company that makes cuts based on what they deem inappropriate for viewers. “Booksmart” director Olivia Wilde was displeased by this news, as […]

The Dangers of Safe Spaces and Trigger Warnings

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia Recently there has been many incidents with college students demanding their respective institutions supply warning for “offensive” material. For example, students at Columbia University want something known as a “trigger warning” applied to Greek Literature. These students say that the content of these classic stories are […]

Literature Club Posters Used for Banned Books Week

Photo by Nicole Williams A few weeks ago, unusual posters that asked provocative questions about race, sexuality and censorship appeared on the walls of the College. These posters were put up by the Literature Club as part of Banned Book Week, but their purpose extended beyond that of promoting the […]

Students Stage Walkouts Against Curriculum Change

Photo Courtesy of Baleigh bugg, Flickr Creative Commons Social media exploded this week with support for the hundreds of students from at least five Jefferson County, Colorado schools who organized walkouts to protest an attempt by the School Board to squash civil disobedience among students. The students staged a protest, […]