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Censorship of Roald Dahl overshadows books’ morals

As the debate of censorship continues, children’s book author Roald Dahl’s texts have become the next target. In hopes of expanding the inclusivity of Dahl’s works, phrases such as “fat” or “ugly” have been omitted or altered. The changes also seek to remove terms indicating the race or gender of […]

Student Press Freedom Day salutes college newspapers

Student Press Freedom Day (SPFD) is a day to celebrate and highlight the rights of student journalists. Both high school and collegiate journalism are important parts of learning the profession, as well as bringing a young, new perspective to storytelling and reporting. At The Ramapo News, we strive to run […]

Faculty oppose rampant textbook censorship

Librarian Christina Connor and Professor Ed Shannon presented an event on Sept. 22 in honor of Banned Books Week about the little-known topic of textbook censorship. Connor guided the audience through the history of textbook censorship, emphasizing both the importance of textbooks in a well-rounded education and the dangers of […]