Tag: Climate Change

NASA’s exorbitant budget raises eyebrows

53 years ago, NASA made America prouder than ever and shocked the world by landing the very first men on the moon. Since the 1970s, no space capsule has traveled the same route with humans, but NASA has hopes to try again within the next decade. They tested their biggest […]

Patagonia CEO passes reins to non-profit

For the last few decades, Earth and its climate have been steadily declining, awakening a movement for better care and awareness to keep the planet clean. Last week, that movement gained an unexpected but powerful ally. Yvon Chouinard, the longtime CEO of the clothing company Patagonia, announced on Sept. 14 […]

Ramapo students speak up against pipeline expansions

Photo by Natalie Tsur A group of students gathered around the Arch, each holding a cardboard sign close to their chest as they watched senior Miriam Sokolska prepare them for the first chant. “When I say ‘climate,’ you say ‘justice!’” Sokolska commanded, initiating the start of student-led climate action group […]