Tag: Climate Change

California wildfires are worsened by climate change

Photo courtesy of MILKOVÍ, Unsplash In the past month, California has seen record breaking temperatures and experienced six of the 20 worst wildfires in history. Currently, there are 28 major active fires, which have left 24 people dead.  One of the causes of these fires was a pyrotechnic malfunction at a gender […]

Large businesses are the planet’s biggest threat

Photo courtesy of Seattle City Council, Flickr Last week, Jeff Bezos donated $10 billion to climate change. Where, though? To his own charity. This almost comes as no surprise, as Bezos is not known primarily for his philanthropic endeavors. The donation comes as a reconciliation to Amazon employees coming together […]

Ramapo opens discussion for the climate crisis

Photo by Amanda Karp Ramapo College hosted an all-day event to tackle the subject of climate change. Held in the Trustees Pavilion on Nov. 20, the event, “Confronting the Climate Crisis: Ramapo’s Reckoning with Reality,” featured speakers such as First Lady Tammy Murphy, Samantha DiFalco of the Sunrise Movement and […]

Panel led by Ramapo professors tackle the Amazon fires

Photo courtesy of Mídia NINJA, Flickr In response to the surge of wildfires that consumed the Amazon rainforest this past year, a panel of professors gave a presentation explaining the underlying reasons for the destruction in the Brazilian Amazon on Sept. 30 in Friends Hall.  Professor Emeritus Wayne Hayes and professors […]

Students strike for climate change activism

Photo by Astrid Gamarra Drawing inspiration from Friday’s national Climate Strike, Ramapo students and community members alike gathered at the arch to strike for climate change activism. Led by Ramapo Green advisor, Ashwani Vasisth, and student leader, Zoë Tucker-Borrut, the crowd at the arch marched to Birch Mansion. Activists led […]

Plastic bags should be banned across the U.S.

Photo courtesy of Daniel Stockman, Flickr As a nation of 327.2 million people and counting, we should follow New York’s example of discontinuing the use of plastic bags. Nearly two weeks ago, it was determined that New York would become the second state to ban plastic bags, second to California […]