Tag: Climate Change

Students strike for climate change activism

Photo by Astrid Gamarra Drawing inspiration from Friday’s national Climate Strike, Ramapo students and community members alike gathered at the arch to strike for climate change activism. Led by Ramapo Green advisor, Ashwani Vasisth, and student leader, Zoë Tucker-Borrut, the crowd at the arch marched to Birch Mansion. Activists led […]

Plastic bags should be banned across the U.S.

Photo courtesy of Daniel Stockman, Flickr As a nation of 327.2 million people and counting, we should follow New York’s example of discontinuing the use of plastic bags. Nearly two weeks ago, it was determined that New York would become the second state to ban plastic bags, second to California […]

EPA proposes changes detrimental to environment

Graphic courtesy of Fry1989, Wikipedia The Environmental Protection Agency has taken another dig at the Obama Administration, recently announcing its decision to repeal emission restrictions on truck components. EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt publicized his intent to repeal the rule in August after meeting with Fitzgerald Truck Sales, the largest trucking […]

Professor Inspires Action Against Climate Change

Photo courtesy of Ayka Asgarova “Sometimes we don’t know our direction in life, and then we find it,” said Professor Aytakin Asgarova, who teaches Environmental Sociology at Ramapo. Asgarova, known as “Ayka,” began her career in medicine, training as a radiologist. She eventually came to realize that she was not […]

Ramapo Pipeline Leads Students to Raise Awareness

Photo by Jessica Musinski Students of Professor Aytakin Asgarova’s Environmental Sociology class have launched a campus-wide campaign to spread awareness for climate change. The campaign covered a variety of topics including water levels, the ice caps, greenhouse gases and hurricanes. Known as “The Climate Keepers,” students in the class used […]

SCOTUS Leads Debate on Coal Company Regulations

Photo courtesy of Kym Farnik, Flickr The role of the Environmental Protection Agency in regulating energy companies was debated Monday in the latest edition of the College’s SCOTUS discussion series. Professor Sanghamitra Padhy moderated the event, presenting the court cases of West Virginia et al v. United States EPA and […]

Earth Day SCOTUS Talk Addresses Clean Power Plan

This week, Ramapo’s SCOTUS discussion series took a look at the Environmental Protection Agency's proposed Clean Power Plan in honor of Earth Day this Friday. The plan discussed guidelines to lower carbon emissions in the U.S. by 30 percent by 2030. The Supreme Court took a look at the EPA […]