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Ramapo College is now running on Dunkin’

Photo courtesy of Christopher Romano, Instagram Ramapo College has opened a Dunkin’ in the Adler Center, and if college students didn’t run on coffee before, they definitely do now. Balloons were placed around the entrance to the Adler Center to celebrate the opening of Dunkin’ this past Wednesday at noon. […]

Maintaining Mindfulness amidst College Stress

Forgetting keys at home, putting on two different pairs of shoes or the daily college student struggle of losing an ID are normal occurrences, as are other lapses; however, some simple tips can help keep the mind on track. Eat a healthy diet Studies show that a low glycemic diet with […]

Coffee Lovers: Get Your Caffeine Fix Guilt-free

Photo courtesy of Susanne Nilsson, Flickr Creative Commons  For some people, the distinctive smell and taste are the reasons they pry themselves out of bed each morning. What is it? It’s the eye-opening beverage that is consumed daily by an estimated 100 million Americans, and it comes from one small bean: coffee. But […]