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Booze and Brutality Reign in Greek Tragedy, “Haze”

Photo courtesy of Shadywood Road Productions, LLC College fraternities have long been a standard source of comedy in film. The first major film to popularize fraternity life is arguably 1978’s “Animal House,” the John Landis-directed romp which still looms large in the popular imagination. In recent years, 2014’s “22 Jump […]

Student: We Must ‘Combat Ignorance’ on Sexual Assault

Photo Courtesy of David Lienemann, Wikipedia The issue of sexual assault, which has plagued college campuses across the United States, recently garnered national attention after receiving a nod of recognition from Vice President Joe Biden and Lady Gaga at the 2016 Oscars. Gaga’s performance — an intimate, homey ballad sung […]

Vaping Not a Viable Alternative to Cigarettes, Has Damaging Effects

Photo by ecigclick.co.uk, Flickr Creative Commons A recent fire alarm in my Bischoff Hall dormitory on Oct. 8 was set off due to a vape/electronic cigarette that was being used inside of the residence hall. Although Ramapo’s website and college policies explicitly state that smoking is prohibited in all academic […]

Transfer Student Offers Advice for School Transition

Photo Courtesy of Bradley Gordon, Flickr Creative Commons Whether college students transfer to a new school because they did not like their previous school or are finished at a community college, everyone hopes that the switch will be easy. For some transfer college students, it is. Many students fit in […]

Equal Access to Education Ensures Opportunities

Photo by Nicole Williams Many conversations have been centered on race relations, equality and class warfare in the last few months, splitting the nation into many opposing factions. The seemingly constant debate over what advantages or disadvantages society gives out based on race or economic backgrounds damages the mission behind […]

Stigma Attached to Mental Health Inhibits Students

Photo Courtesy of Maarten, Flickr Creative Commons It’s that time again: midterm week is upon us. The semester has flown by and many of us are catching ourselves dazed and confused as to everything we have learned so far. As we approach these frustrating exams and assignments, there will be […]

Students Stage Walkouts Against Curriculum Change

Photo Courtesy of Baleigh bugg, Flickr Creative Commons Social media exploded this week with support for the hundreds of students from at least five Jefferson County, Colorado schools who organized walkouts to protest an attempt by the School Board to squash civil disobedience among students. The students staged a protest, […]