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Comedian Francisco Ramos brings laughs to Ramapo

Photo courtesy of Francisco Ramos, Twitter A steadily-growing crowd filled Ramapo’s H-wing auditorium, lured in by the signs picturing comedian Francisco Ramos. Prospective viewers were greeted with photos of a confident man on stage, microphone in hand, arm outstretched. They were waiting for a stand-up routine, and with Ramos’s lineup, […]

Brandon Vestal’s set draws crickets in the audience

Photo courtesy of Brandon Vandal, Twitter Californian comedian Brandon Vestal performed stand-up comedy at CPB’s recent installment of Tuesday Night Live in the H-wing auditorium. Vestal’s introverted personality and self-deprecating humor made for many drawn out jokes that did not land among many students. Vestal started his routine by asking […]

Refreshing comedian shares political anecdotes at TNL

Photo courtesy of KristenBecker.com Acclaimed comedian Kristen Becker was invited to celebrate Women's Herstory Month at the College Programming Board’s latest installment of Tuesday Night Live. As a lesbian, Becker shared her unique experiences through a variety of anecdotes that were both political and personal. Becker’s opening narratives revolved around […]