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Class-led Fair Trade tabling to educate students

Photo by Erica Meline During the holiday season, consumerism is at its peak: Doorbuster Black Friday deals, extended mall hours and Amazon’s guaranteed next-day deliveries can turn any person into a shopaholic. In the spirit of giving, it may not necessarily be bad to indulge in the desire to spend. […]

Holiday Spirit at Risk Due to Consumerism

Photo Courtesy of Gridprop For many people, one of the best times of the year is the holiday season. Even now, the meals are being planned, the decorations are being brought out and the Christmas lists are being written. At one time in my life, the holiday season meant spending […]

Nostalgia in Creative Arts Promotes Lack of Originality

Discussions on artistic pursuits, or the prevalence of clichés in popular culture, are often met with eye rolls toward the person complaining. Likewise, a person who speaks out against Hollywood film remakes is often pictured as a snobby aspiring artist who wears a beret and sits in a café. However, […]