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Backpacks Cover Campus to Raise Suicide Awareness

Photo by Hope Patti Ramapo College teamed up with Active Minds to bring the traveling display “Send Silence Packing” to campus last Wednesday. This is the second time that Ramapo has been able to host the display after first partnering with Active Minds in 2011. The formal presentation of the […]

Introverts Unite Becomes First College Outlet of its Kind

Photo courtesy of TED 2012 Conference, Wikipedia The Center for Health and Counseling Services, also known as CHCS, expanded its programs this semester by introducing “Introverts Unite,” a unique group therapy geared towards introverts. “A group like this helps introverts be the best versions of themselves,” said Dr. Michael Alcee, […]

High Heels Help Fight Sexual Abuse, Violence

Photo by Angelica Pasquali Male students from various fraternities, clubs and sports teams gathered by the Arch on Tuesday to protest sexual assault and violence against women by wearing women's shoes – a symbolic act intended to show solidarity The men fumbled through bins of high heels to look for […]