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New Jersey and New York continue to fight COVID-19

Photo courtesy of Noam Galai, Getty Images COVID-19 has caused a massive uproar nationwide. There have been unprecedented unemployment rates across the country, stock markets have dipped severely over the last month and a $2 trillion stimulus package was signed into law giving $1,200 to all Americans except dependents, where […]

Food pantry remains open for students

Photo by Kim Bongard For students remaining on campus, the Ramapo food pantry has remained open throughout the COVID-19 closure to provide essentials.  Though all classrooms have become remote, a small group of Ramapo students are remaining in campus residency. These students are quarantined like everyone else, which means avoiding […]

Summer Olympics postponed to 2021

Photo courtesy of Makaristos, Wikipedia   Due to the concerns over the global coronavirus outbreak, the approaching Summer Olympic Games set to take place in Tokyo have officially been delayed to summer 2021. Many athletes that were intending on performing in the Games this year, however, have not slowed down their […]

COVID-19 has affected entertainment in more ways than one

Photo courtesy of Andreas Praefcke, Wikipedia Social Distancing The COVID-19 outbreak has re-oriented the way various industries in the United States operate, ever since it began to spread in rapid and concerning numbers. To quell the spread of COVID-19, states began to implement various social distancing policies. These policies call […]

Social distancing is an urgent social responsibility

Photo courtesy of Crystal Eye Studio, Shutterstock Nations are sealing off their borders to outsiders, all non-essential travel is being banned and all major sports leagues are being postponed until further notice. We are living in uncharted territory that has never been seen before in the modern era. COVID-19 has brought […]

Coronavirus outbreak provokes a political uproar

Photo courtesy of Metropolitan Transportation Authority of the State of New York, Flickr COVID-19 has quickly and rapidly become a major talking point in New Jersey. Yet its arrival has sparked more than just conversation; it has provoked fears and produced political chaos worldwide. The coronavirus spread initially from Wuhan, […]