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Monkeypox poses uncertain threat to campus life

Monkeypox has quickly become a concern after Americans started contracting the virus during the summer, following the first positive case in Boston, Mass. Since then, different colleges across the country have been monitoring the disease, as well as following the Centers for Disease Control Prevention’s (CDC) guidelines for management on […]

COVID variants present new concerns for college students

With school starting up again, conversations surrounding COVID-19 have increased, especially concerning the new vaccines and variants of the virus. As subvariants of the Omicron strain keep appearing, new vaccines are coming out to help combat the spread of these mutated strains. With these new variants, the symptoms of COVID […]

Fake vaccine passports may slow Covid-19 progress

Photo courtesy of Lukas, Unsplash   As the number of distributed vaccine doses increase each day, the possibility of requiring “vaccine passports” grows higher. With this comes “fake vaccine passports”—think fake IDs, but falsified proof of your COVID vaccination.  The wave of anti-vaxxers who are unwilling to get the COVID […]