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Velvet Buzzsaw amounts to an unfulfilling horror film

Photo courtesy of Netflix, Wikipedia Dan Gilroy’s "Velvet Buzzsaw" is an introspective look into an LA art scene, bouncing from the perspectives of gallery owners and revered critics to those of young interns and non-professional artists. It features great performances from an ensemble cast of familiar faces, most notably Jake […]

Character Study Criticizes Journalistic Ethics in ‘Nightcrawler’

Photo courtesy of Siebbi, Wikimedia First time director Dan Gilroy presented a dark, psychological thriller “Nightcrawler,” starring Jake Gyllenhal. Unveiling the seedy world of today’s unfortunate journalistic standards, “Nightcrawler” showcases Lou Bloom (Gyllenhall) as he follows a police scanner from car crashes to home invasions. Camcorder in hand, Bloom scours the […]