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Panel prepares LGBTQ+ students for the workforce

The Cahill Career Center teamed up with the Women’s Center and LGBTQ+ Services to host a panel titled Working While LGBTQ+. Four local LGBTQ+ identifying workers with varying careers served as the panelists, and the discussion was moderated by Career Advisor Alex Corsillo and Coordinator of the Women’s Center and […]

Smear Campaign Distracts Voters from Focus of Prop 1

Photo Courtesy of Daniel 2986, Wikipedia This Tuesday, citizens of Houston, Texas voted to reject Proposition 1, an ordinance that would have created a range of anti-discrimination protections in public accommodations, employment, housing, city contracting and other Houston city services. Under the proposed legislation, also known as the Houston Equal […]

Indiana Law Enables LGBT Discrimination

Photo courtesy of United States Senate Wikipedia Indiana Governor Mike Pence (R) signed the Religious Freedom Restoration bill into law on March 26. The bill follows the lead of 19 other states and has been condemned by celebrities, businesses and politicians for its seemingly anti-gay rhetoric. The bill was intended to […]

Sarah Silverman Wage Gap Video Falls Flat on Intersectionality

Two weeks ago, Sarah Silverman released a Youtube video discussing the gender wage gap. It received mixed reviews from social justice advocates. The video, “Sarah Silverman Closes the Gap,” depicts Silverman going to a hospital and getting sex reassignment surgery to “become a dude” to make more money. The video […]