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A Fresh New Look at a Tale as Old as Time

Photo courtesy of Georges Biard, Wikipedia More than 25 years after Disney graced audiences with one of its most popular animated movies of all time, the studio has brought “Beauty and the Beast” back to the big screen with a live-action remake filled with a fantastic cast, amazing visuals and […]

‘Jungle Book’ Roars to Life in CGI Adaptation

Photo Courtesy of Tabercil, Wikipedia Over the years, there have been several “Jungle Book” movies, all adapted from Rudyard Kipling’s 1894 novel of the same name. The film adaptations started in 1942, with a live-action version, and that format was repeated in 1994. However, most people remember the classic 1967 animated […]

Creativity Runs Wild in Disney’s New Film, Zootopia

Photo courtesy of Eva Rinaldi, Wiki While reductive retellings of fairytale princesses and their boy problems are Disney’s most recognizable stock-in-trade, the monolithic corporation is built upon a collection of original characters – i.e., Mickey Mouse and his cohort of anthropomorphized animal friends. Disney returns to its talking-animal roots with its […]

‘McFarland, USA’ Tells Heartwarming True Story

Photo courtesy of Gdc graphics, Wikimedia Commons “McFarland, USA” starring Kevin Costner is an inspirational tale of turning seven students into cross-country state champions. The movie was a bit long with a run-time that exceeded two hours; however, the length did not get in the way of appreciating an uplifting movie […]

‘Big Hero 6’ Overcomes Expectations

Photo Courtesy of The Walt Disney Company It really should not be a surprise anymore when a Disney animated movie looks terrible and ends up being great. The family oriented studio giant may have a serious issue in their marketing department, but it is clear that these issues thankfully have […]