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Federal aid is sustaining the American economy

Photo courtesy of U.S. Government, Wikipedia On April 15, the Federal Reserve decided to inject 2.3 trillion dollars into the economy minutes before the stock market opened in order to aid the devastating number of Americans who had filed for unemployment benefits. This is one in a long list of […]

Children of Undocumented Immigrants Hinder Economy

Children born in the United States whose parents are in the country illegally have become an issue in the race for president, as several candidates have referred to the practice of bestowing citizenship on those who are born in this country as in need of reform. The term "anchor babies," […]

Redefining Popular Views of Anarchy

When individuals usually think of anarchy, their mind rears to images of chaos, extreme violence, clowns with bad makeup or creepy masks destabilizing the social order and making life miserable for everyone. What if I were to tell you that the image of anarchy in your head is pure fabrication, […]