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Daft Punk announces split after eight-year hiatus

Photo courtesy of Pod K, Wikipedia   On Monday, Feb. 22, Daft Punk uploaded a video to their YouTube channel titled “Epilogue.” The eight-minute video left the public confused, wondering if this was the end of Daft Punk. Their publicist, Kathryn Frazier, later confirmed that the duo was breaking up […]

Futuristic Festival Pushes on Despite Inclement Weather

Photo Courtesy of Mixtribe, Wikipedia “TommorrowWorld” has quickly become one of the largest and most lucrative music festivals in the country, owing its success to increased interest in electronic dance music (EDM) and its appeal to a market of free-spirited 20-somethings. Its inaugural year in 2013 brought in around 140,000 […]

WRPR Hosts First Event Featuring DJ Sunsett

Photo by Justin Roth WRPR, Ramapo’s own radio station, hosted its first solo event in the club’s history. Senior Ryan Wold, better known as DJ Sunsett, was the headlining performer at the show, which was held in Laurel Courts this past Saturday.  “He’s a big name on campus as well as […]