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Plastic bags should be banned across the U.S.

Photo courtesy of Daniel Stockman, Flickr As a nation of 327.2 million people and counting, we should follow New York’s example of discontinuing the use of plastic bags. Nearly two weeks ago, it was determined that New York would become the second state to ban plastic bags, second to California […]

Speakers share ways to lessen plastic waste on campus

Photo courtesy of Ramapo College, Flickr The Bergen County area is facing environmental threats with the ever-growing plastic waste epidemic in our forests. Ramapo’s 1STEP invited Post Landfill Action Network, or PLAN, campus coordinators Chris Kane and Adina Spertus Melhus to enlighten Ramapo students on ways to keep our campus […]

Professor Inspires Action Against Climate Change

Photo courtesy of Ayka Asgarova “Sometimes we don’t know our direction in life, and then we find it,” said Professor Aytakin Asgarova, who teaches Environmental Sociology at Ramapo. Asgarova, known as “Ayka,” began her career in medicine, training as a radiologist. She eventually came to realize that she was not […]

An Overview of the Candidates’ Environmental Policies

Photo courtesy of Eric Kounce, Wikipedia In the current election, the discussion of environmental policy has also included discussion of energy policy and the economic impact of both policies. Both candidates have made arguments regarding their environmental policy on the basis of the form of energy they were looking to […]

Preventing the Tragedy of the Commons

Photo courtesy of Flick Nekhiit Tumurbold The concept of the tragedy of the commons is this: There are two cattle farmers that utilize an enclosed field. Both farmers have equal amount of cattle that they raise and sell to the market for slaughter. The commons is a field used for […]

Environmental Policies in the Presidential Debate

Photo courtesy of Jasonwoodhead23, Flickr When I am deliberating on which candidate to vote for, environmental issues certainly have an influence on my decision, but they are not the most important issue influencing who I will support. I agree that issues relating to the environment are becoming more and more […]