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Ramapo aids students in the voter registration process

Photo by Danielle DeAngelis Ramapo’s Civic and Community Engagement Center (CCEC) recruited students with a row of tables and posters on Laurel Hall’s basketball courts. The mission? Getting as many college students on campus to register to vote on National Voter Registration Day, Sept. 24. The voting registration event, annually held by […]

Ramapo highlights the importance of higher education

Photo by Tori D'Amico The bad weather this week did not prevent the celebration of Higher Education Day at Ramapo College this past Tuesday. As a day dedicated to highlighting the importance of accessibility to postsecondary education, the event brought together the administration, student speakers and several campus resources to […]

Ramapo honors four long-term adjunct professors

Photo courtesy of Ramapo College, Flickr One of Ramapo College’s most valuable assets are its dedicated faculty members. Many professors and staff members go above and beyond to help make Ramapo an educational and impactful experience for the school’s students. This past Wednesday, four exceptional adjunct faculty members who have […]

EOF Creates New Initiative to Improve Retention Rate

Photo courtesy of EOF In response to declining retention rates, Ramapo College’s Educational Opportunity Fund, also known as EOF, is concentrating its efforts on programs that address the academic, financial and campus climate concerns that impact a student’s decisions to drop out of school. “These are first generation college students […]

Barbara Harmon-Francis Joins EOF as Director

Photo courtesy of Carolyn Herring During the State of the College Address on Jan. 27, President Peter Mercer welcomed Barbara Harmon-Francis as the new Educational Opportunity Fund, or EOF, director. Harmon-Francis joined the Ramapo staff three weeks ago and looks forward to meeting all Ramapo students. “I’ve met so many […]

Ramapo Community Loses Two Beloved Members

Photo by Michael Pacheco Two fixtures of Ramapo College, EOF director Lorne Weems and founding faculty member Henry Bischoff, died this summer and were honored with memorials last week that paid tribute to their committment to education and their dedication to making sure students reached their potential. Weems was Director […]