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Trump administration proposes to cut important budgets

Photo courtesy of Sheleah Craighead, Wikipedia This week, the Trump administration has proposed a new plan to reform and cut approximately 30 percent of the budget of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, known as SNAP. Their new plan is definitely thinking outside, or rather inside, the box. The Trump administration […]

EPA proposes changes detrimental to environment

Graphic courtesy of Fry1989, Wikipedia The Environmental Protection Agency has taken another dig at the Obama Administration, recently announcing its decision to repeal emission restrictions on truck components. EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt publicized his intent to repeal the rule in August after meeting with Fitzgerald Truck Sales, the largest trucking […]

SCOTUS Leads Debate on Coal Company Regulations

Photo courtesy of Kym Farnik, Flickr The role of the Environmental Protection Agency in regulating energy companies was debated Monday in the latest edition of the College’s SCOTUS discussion series. Professor Sanghamitra Padhy moderated the event, presenting the court cases of West Virginia et al v. United States EPA and […]

Volkswagen Scandal to Become Feature Film

Photo courtesy of Anonyme3111, Wikipedia In late September, the car manufacturing giant Volkswagen was caught by the Environmental Protection Agency for violating the Clean Air Act. The story, which only broke a month ago, is now set to become a feature film, according to Variety. Volkswagen used what is known […]