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eSports is taking over video game tournaments

Photo courtesy of John Puchalski In this new era of gaming we’ve begun to say goodbye to the days of hosting shady, poorly put together video game tournaments in the depths of your grandmother’s basement and instead, started saying hello to one of the most lucrative industries in recent years; […]

Ramapo hosts successful Video Games and Chill

Courtesy of Twitter Video games have a unique ability to bring all kinds of people together. When in a public setting, those who are around will flock over to them in order to have fun playing with others. This is precisely what happened on Sept. 20, as gamers from […]

People Will Flock to Online Video Game Careers

Icon courtesy of Wikipedia In recent years, video games have become a more integrated part of our cable television line-up with E-Sports League (ESL) being shown on major cable networks like TBS and ESPN. Games like “Counter-Strike GO” and “League of Legends” have begun to take over primetime television and […]