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Fake News Websites Tarnish Journalistic Credibility

Photo courtesy of David Hawgood, Geograph During this election season, social media has run rampant with a wide variety of fake news sites. Occupydemocrats.com and rightwingnews.com are two such sites that publish biased news through popular platforms like Facebook and Instagram. These sites come from either side of the political […]

Facebook Unveils Alternatives to ‘Like’ Button

Photo courtesy of Facebook Facebook has decided to launch six different emojis that will go alongside of the like button to better express the user’s feelings toward a post. This new set of emojis includes “Love,” “Haha,” “Yay,” “Wow,” “Sad” and “Angry.” Rumors had swirled that Facebook would be introducing […]

Blogging is Beneficial for Networking

The world of journalism is growing in various ways, and is there is no better way for those who are eager to share their communicative skills than to start a blog.  Blogging has become a popular creative outlet. It is a form of self-expression, which can be beneficial for college […]