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Outdoor dumpster overflow becomes a campus issue

The Village and the College Park Apartments (CPAs) are the only Ramapo residence halls with outdoor dumpsters. Waste Management (WM), Bergen County‚Äôs contracted removal service, empties the dumpsters on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Despite the frequency of pick-up, the average state of most dumpsters is overflowing. Students have brought their […]

Wasps are all the buzz in Student Center

Wasps have created a hive in the upper level of the Student Center, resulting in an infestation of yellowjackets – both alive and dead – found throughout the second floor. The wasps were first reported on Aug. 24, the same day that many students participating in early move-in arrived. Exterminators […]

Why Ramapo keeps having power outages and what to expect

Photo courtesy of Ramapo College. Ramapo has been experiencing inconsistent power issues over the past three weeks, adversely affecting varied and selective areas on campus. Last Wednesday evening, however, almost all buildings suffered a 20-minute outage followed by a brief Wi-Fi shutdown.  After a windstorm hit Bergen County on Feb. 16, […]

Ramapo reflects on month-long campus wide project

During the month of October, Ramapo celebrated Campus Sustainability Month. When President Trump withdrew the country from the Paris Agreement over the summer, Ramapo was one of the 183 colleges and universities to sign the “We Are Still In” pledge, maintaining the ideas from the agreement on their campus. Sustainability […]