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Singapore to fine publishers of fake news

Photo courtesy of Moritz Hager, Wikipedia This past week, Singapore announced a new law that would crack down on fake news reports and punish users for posting fake stories. This was put into place because of Facebook’s continuous habits of publishing fake news on their site and allowing it to […]

Social media reflects mental health and fake news

Photo courtesy of Tracy LeBlanc, Pexels Growing up in the age of social media and the internet has conditioned an entire generation to become accustomed to, even welcome, the altered performance of reality brought to us by various content curators. YouTube, for example, has become a global force known more […]

Fake News Websites Tarnish Journalistic Credibility

Photo courtesy of David Hawgood, Geograph During this election season, social media has run rampant with a wide variety of fake news sites. Occupydemocrats.com and rightwingnews.com are two such sites that publish biased news through popular platforms like Facebook and Instagram. These sites come from either side of the political […]