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Berrie Center features Kelly Dolak in faculty film series

Photo by Emily Melvin Ramapo’s Berrie Center for Performing and Visual Arts will be hosting a virtual Faculty Film Series every Tuesday in February. The event will showcase four Ramapo professors' feature films.  On Feb. 2, the first Tuesday viewing featured Associate Professor Kelly Dolak’s 2017 documentary “Loyalty Code.” Students […]

“Parasite” stands out in more ways than one

Photo courtesy of Kinocine, Wikipedia Even though “Parasite” came out months ago and was already taking the film world by storm, its recent win of four Academy Awards skyrocketed its popularity. The South Korean movie’s director, producer, and writer Bong Joon Ho, who has a very interesting and diverse filmography […]

Orson Welles’ posthumous film lacks key elements

Photo courtesy of Carl Van Vechten, Wikipedia A crisp presentation and a pristine plotline is key to an exceptional film, yet "The Other Side of the Wind" lacked both of these crucial elements.  Originally directed by Orson Welles, the movie’s focal point reflects on the final period of Jake Hannaford’s life. […]

Film and Music Production Club hosts first showcase

Photo by Kim Bongard The Film and Music Production Club held their first annual showcase at the Trustees Pavilion on Monday night. Talented student performers Tony Lio, Gini-MOB, Jake Foligno, Gabby Strings, Omiette, Irate Specialist, Jerard Guevarra and Empty Matrix took the stage to showcase their original material. Sylvester Watkins, president […]

Mum’s the word in John Krasinski’s “A Quiet Place”

Photo courtesy of GDC Graphics, Wikipedia In today’s bloated landscape of horror movie flicks, an effective gimmick goes a long way in helping a film stand out from the crowd. It’s good news, then, that the silent tension found in “A Quiet Place” is justified by the film’s setup. The […]

“Pacific Rim Uprising” brings typical action-filled fun

Photo courtesy of Mingle Media TV, Wikipedia "Pacific Rim Uprising" is a generic action movie that cared more about giant robot fights than the actual characters they were trying to portray in the film. It's a fun movie to find on television but not worth paying money to see it […]

Wes Anderson film is a problematic but beautiful tale

Photo courtesy of Diana Ringo, Wikipedia The idea of Wes Anderson making an animated family film is a bit odd. Granted, the director's visual style, from his love of long takes and wide frames to his painterly aesthetic, seems almost tailored made towards animation. Audiences were already exposed to this […]

Relatable LGBT teen romance comes out on top

Photo courtesy of @lovesimonmovie, Twitter Most films that convey LGBT narratives are showcased at indie film festivals and archived on Netflix, but 21st Century Fox’s latest movie “Love, Simon” accurately adapts gay teenhood for the big screen. This major motion picture is not only a great addition to the LGBT […]

“Annihilation” sets new benchmark for sci-fi films

Photo courtesy of Geroges Biard, Wikipedia Alex Garland’s haunting, beautiful “Annihilation” is the first great sci-fi film of the year, and one of the best in years. Based on Jeff Vandermeer’s first novel of the Southern Reach trilogy, “Annihilation” is a challenging, amorphous thriller that will leave you rattled in […]