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Hozier’s sophomore album is well worth the wait

Photo courtesy of swimfinfan, Wikipedia Hozier released his long anticipated second album “Wasteland, Baby!” on March 1 after a five year long wait. “Wasteland, Baby!” is a triumphant follow-up for the Irish singer-songwriter that features songs from his 2018 EP “Nina Cried Power” – with songs “Nina Cried Power (feat. […]

Emmy-Winning Folk Band Performs at the Berrie Center

Photo courtesy of Marek Hajdasz The Grammy-nominated, Emmy-winning ensemble Cherish the Ladies delivered its third annual performance at the Berrie Center last weekend, playing two shows on Sunday in the Sharp Theater. The Irish-American folk band formed in 1985 under the leadership of Joanie Madden, a multi-instrumentalist born in the […]