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France rightfully implements fast fashion fines

The French Parliament has recently proposed legislation against fast fashion brands, namely the well-known Chinese-operated company Shein, implementing an additional fine of up to half of the price of the item in hopes of offsetting the negative impact fast fashion has on the environment. The Parliament, or MPs, introduced this […]

Actors Don Masks for Adaption of Voltaire’s

Photo by Alex Baran Voltaire’s legendary French satire “Candide,” adapted and directed by Fulbright Scholar Rafael Bianciotto and Ramapo’s own Terra Vandergaw, began performances in the Sharp Theater this weekend with great style and humor. Unique to the production were the exaggerated masks worn by the characters.  The production was […]

Freedom of Speech Not Always without Consequence

Last month the headquarters of Charlie Hebdo, a weekly satirical newspaper based in France, fell victim to an Islamist terrorist attack that left 12 dead and several others wounded. The attacks immediately caused a worldwide uproar. And a solidarity movement, #JeSuisCharlie or “I am Charlie,” formed in the aftermath. Charlie […]