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Ramapo students discuss speech inclusivity

Photo by Tori D'Amico The Fishbowl was full of passionate students on Tuesday afternoon as two parallel tabling events took place. On one side, quite literally, the College Republicans hosted their event “Offensive Speech is Free Speech,” and on the other, the Women’s Center and LGBTQ+ services hosted “Importance of […]

Singapore to fine publishers of fake news

Photo courtesy of Moritz Hager, Wikipedia This past week, Singapore announced a new law that would crack down on fake news reports and punish users for posting fake stories. This was put into place because of Facebook’s continuous habits of publishing fake news on their site and allowing it to […]

Free speech versus hate speech still up for debate

Photo courtesy of U.S. National Archives and Records Administration, Wikipedia The most revered and cherished law within the free world is found in the First Amendment of the United States Constitution. The allowance of free speech and our complete autonomy over what we are allowed to say and share is the […]

Fox goes against free speech by taking down Trump ad

Photo courtesy of Shealah Craighead, Wikipedia Progressive political activist Tom Steyer is in the news recently, arguing that Fox News’ removal of his Trump impeachment ad was an attempt to silence dissenting viewpoints, while Fox maintains it was just representing its base viewers’ interests. The ad was removed shortly after […]

‘Self-righteous Left’ Hinders Freedom of Speech on College Campuses

Photo Courtesy of Robin_Ottawa (I'm on the phone!), Flickr Creative Commons The self-righteous left strikes again. Around the country, colleges are celebrating the re-emergence of warm weather with outdoor activities, sporting events and, as is customary on nearly every campus, a spring concert. George Washington University is no different and […]