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Herstory speaker pushes for intersectional activism

Photo courtesy of Emily Melvin. Activist, author and artist Hope Giselle was welcomed to Ramapo College on March 9 as the keynote speaker for Women’s Herstory Month. The Women’s Center and LGBTQ+ Services, the Office of Equity, Division, Compliance and Inclusion (EDIC) and Office of Violence Prevention welcomed Giselle as the […]

Disney Parks update dress codes to increase inclusivity

Photo courtesy of Miranda Campbell, Unsplash A surprising announcement came recently from the heads of Disney relating to the employee dress code at their respective parks, Walt Disney World and Disneyland. In a push for increased inclusivity and a move towards allowing more modern standards of acceptable dress, park employees […]

Professors discuss future of women’s studies minor

The women’s and gender studies minor is a valuable asset for students looking to gain an insight of the implications gender has had and continues to have on society. The field of women’s and gender studies, though, is perpetually growing. Its progressive nature, therefore, has led conveners of the minor […]

Women’s Herstory Month Prompts Gender Bias Panel

As part of Women’s Herstory Month, Ramapo’s Cahill Center held a panel on Monday to discuss workplace inequalities and the injustice women face on a regular basis in work environments. The event, “Gender Bias – Is It Real?” included a panel moderated by Michele Brown of IntuAction Coaching and was […]

Gender Neutral Signage in Store for Target Customers

Photo courtesy of MikeKalasnik, Wikipedia Target has decided to stop organizing its children’s toy section by gender, thereby having a more gender neutral selection for shoppers. This new development occurred after a customer tweeted an image that went viral in June. The tweet consisted of a picture of a Target toy […]

Student: Women Still Struggle for Equality

Photo courtesy of AIGA While women are still fighting for equal pay and breaking out of sexist gender constructs, the right to be seen as human is not entirely in a woman’s possession. Men have male privilege and the right to live up to male stereotypes such as being loud, assertive, […]

Relationship Swiftly Awry in New Taylor Swift Video

Photo Courtesy of Glenn T, Flickr Creative Commons Taylor Swift has often been called a boy crazy serial dater by media that seemingly follow her relationships with some of the entertainment world’s most notorious bachelors.   With the release of her new “Blank Space” music video this week, though, Swift […]