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Plastic bags should be banned across the U.S.

Photo courtesy of Daniel Stockman, Flickr As a nation of 327.2 million people and counting, we should follow New York’s example of discontinuing the use of plastic bags. Nearly two weeks ago, it was determined that New York would become the second state to ban plastic bags, second to California […]

SCOTUS Leads Debate on Coal Company Regulations

Photo courtesy of Kym Farnik, Flickr The role of the Environmental Protection Agency in regulating energy companies was debated Monday in the latest edition of the College’s SCOTUS discussion series. Professor Sanghamitra Padhy moderated the event, presenting the court cases of West Virginia et al v. United States EPA and […]

Student Urges New Methods of Energy Consumption

Photo Courtesy of Len Radin, Flickr Creative Commons Conservatives and liberals collide when it comes to the legitimacy of global warming. Conservatives are not convinced that climate change is a reality, while liberals argue that climate change is a real threat to the environment and the civilized world. The majority […]