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YouTube is completely missing the point by hiding dislikes

Photo Courtesy of Christian Wiediger, Unsplash YouTube released a statement notifying users of the company’s decision to hide dislike counts from videos on Nov. 10. The new guideline comes after complaints surrounding online harassment were made by small creators who are more prone to “dislike mobs,” according to the Google-owned […]

Project Dragonfly draws criticism and concerns

Photo courtesy of Google Google employees and American citizens have been calling for the popular search engine to cancel “Project Dragonfly,” which is a censored search engine that the company has reportedly been building for the Chinese market. Google CEO Sundar Pichai will testify in front of Congress on Tuesday, and […]

Visit to Google Headquarters Offers Students Insight

Photo courtesy of Robbie Shade, Flickr The Cahill Career Development Center and the Ramapo Alumni Association along with the NYC Alumni Chapter held a special event on Feb. 8 at the Headquarters of Google, Inc., in New York City. The program included a tour of their cutting edge workplace and […]