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What you missed: Week of Oct. 18 round-up

A lot has happened in the world over the past week. Let’s catch up on the major news headlines:   Access to Reproductive Healthcare Resources Expanded in New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy signed a bill on Tuesday that establishes a new website that will offer New Jersey residents nonstop access […]

What you missed: Summer news round-up

A lot has happened in the world since the spring semester. Let’s catch up on the major headlines from this summer:   The Hottest Summer on Record Starting in April, Canada began battling wildfires that spanned the eastern provinces from Nova Scotia to Quebec to parts of Ontario. Smoke from […]

People of all ages deserve their reproductive rights protected

Photo courtesy of Coalition, Unsplash. In this gubernatorial election cycle, Democratic candidate Gov. Phil Murphy and his Republican challenger Jack Ciattarelli have had two debates, both of which focused on contentious state and federal issues. Salient amongst others, however, is the nominees’ takes on reproductive rights. The topic was nearly unavoidable […]