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Tree of Life tragedy focuses need for gun control

Photo courtesy of AugustasDidzgalviz, Wikipedia On Oct. 27, a gunman went into Tree of Life – Or L’Simcha Congregation, a synagogue in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, killing 11 people and wounding six others. During the attack, he was heard screaming anti-Semitic slurs and saying "Jews must die." Now, the gun control debate […]

Teachers shouldn’t have to defend students with guns

Graphic courtesy of Dave Conner, Flickr There was nothing that compares to the presence that the victims had following the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Parkland, Florida. Their constant appearances on television and their speeches that went viral across the Internet is unparalleled. Their message was clear: they […]

Companies shouldn’t have severed ties with the NRA

Photo courtesy of Spotter Johnsen, Wikipedia Brand image is everything: whether it’s Burger King marketing their flame-grilled burgers, or Cadillac marketing their cars as the perfect example of luxury, brands are constantly providing people with a reason to buy their products. In recent news, a variety of companies have been […]