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Pre-Existing Conditions clause must not be repealed

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons, Wikipedia We are currently master’s in social work students at Ramapo College. In our social policy class, we have learned about the details of the Affordable Care Act and are writing to express our commitment to advocate for this essential law to stay in place. […]

3D Print Technology Advances, Ramapo Acquires Own

Photo courtesy of Guilechat, Wikipedia 3D printing has made great advances in recent years and has opened doors in the field of technology. 3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing, was created in 1984. Currently, Ramapo College owns a 3D printer open to all students for academic and personal use. […]

Policies, Support Needed to Aid Syrian Refugee Crisis

Photo Courtesy of IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation, Flickr Creative Commons The Syrian Civil War is leaving millions of refugees homeless. Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey took in the majority of the four million Syrian refugees, but these people are not allowed to work because these countries have very high employment rates. […]