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Clinton rejects Lewinsky scandal as abuse of power

Photo courtesy of United States Department of State, Wikpedia In an interview with CBS this past Sunday, Hillary Clinton outraged many supporters of the #MeToo movement. When asked by CBS correspondent Tony Dokoupil if her husband Bill Clinton’s past affair with Monica Lewinsky was an abuse of power, she told […]

Comey’s interview reveals biases in politics

Courtesy of FBI, Wikipedia James Comey made his public reappearance on his Sunday night interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos to promote his new book, "A Higher Loyalty," and provide firsthand experience of his time as FBI Director. Comey went into great detail about his childhood, his years as a prosecutor, […]

Controversial memo leads many to mistrust FBI

Photo courtesy of U.S. Congress, Wikipedia On Friday, The House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSC) declassified a committee memo with information on abuses of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act.  It included bombshell information regarding collusion, corruption, bias and unethical practices the Carter Page Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) investigation.  Chairman […]

New Club Democracy Matters Hosts First Event

Photo by Pauline Park Just as the 2016 presidential election came to a close last week, a new organization called Democracy Matters was approved on Monday to be installed on Ramapo College campus. The club hosted its first event Tuesday evening called, “Who Owns Democracy? Money and Politics In The […]

Break Down of the Electoral College Results

Photo courtesy of Donkey Hotey, Flickr President-elect Donald Trump secured the nomination after a grueling election night stretching into the early hours of Wednesday morning. The nation’s decision in his favor capped off a campaign marked by Trump’s controversial behavior and his image as a political outsider. Controversial to the last minute, […]

Candidates’ Policies Leave Women Conflicted

Photo courtesy of American Life League, Flickr Women's issues have been in the forefront during this election season, receiving a large amount of press because of the candidacy of Hillary Clinton and the controversial statements made by Donald Trump. While Trump has stated a pro-life position with limited exceptions for […]

Trump and Clinton Address Their Plans for Minorities

Photo courtesy of Mr. Sean Elliot, Wikipedia When it comes to matters involving minorities such as Blacks, Muslims, Latinos, immigrants and the LGBTQ community, there is a clear difference between the positions held by Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Clinton has managed to gain most of the support of minority […]

An Overview of the Candidates’ Environmental Policies

Photo courtesy of Eric Kounce, Wikipedia In the current election, the discussion of environmental policy has also included discussion of energy policy and the economic impact of both policies. Both candidates have made arguments regarding their environmental policy on the basis of the form of energy they were looking to […]