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Pet Sematary remakes the end, saves it from mediocrity

Photo courtesy of Asim Bharwani, Flickr Considering that it’s a genre that has become somewhat oversaturated with Stephen King adaptations, there’s no arguing that horror fans have seen both the best and worst of what King’s source material has to offer on-screen. For every “The Shining” (1980) or “Carrie” (1976), […]

New Netflix horror Sabrina overwhelmingly disappoints

Photo courtesy of Bambang Sentosa It seems that every horror film’s main characters are devoid of all sense of logic whatsoever. “Sabrina,” an Indonesian horror film recently released to Netflix, is not an exception. One may find themselves constantly screaming at the characters – not out of fear, but pure […]

Apostle is an exaggerated yet interesting film

Photo courtesy of iDominick, Wikipedia When “Apostle” isn’t devolving into cheesiness and scenery-chewing performances, it’s an impressive new movie in the Netflix original lineup. Director and writer Gareth Evans creates a grim world, offering more than two hours of shadowy, half-obscured nightmares. It begins with slow pacing, a dark, heavy […]