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SGA hosts panel to discuss Iranian protest movement

The Student Government Association (SGA) hosted a discussion panel on Monday to address the recent protest movement in Iran.  The panelists included professor of political economy Dr. Behzad Yaghmaian, assistant professor of IT management Dr. Fariba Nosrati and special guest Atieh Babakhani, a Ph.D. candidate from the Criminal Justice and […]

Russia needs to be held accountable for its war

Photo courtesy of Celine Panis-Pardo. As a follow-up to last week’s Russia-Ukraine discussion panel, the School of Humanities and Global Studies hosted another discussion panel on March 8 in the Alumni Lounges. The talk focused on the legal and human rights ramifications of the situation as it has evolved.  This time, […]

“Suffragette” underscores the urgency of social change

Photo courtesy of eva rinaldi, Flickr What does it take to impose lasting and meaningful change into the societal structures that plague our world? The 2015 drama “Suffragette” paints an eye-opening expression of the true sacrifice that early 20th-century British women faced while fighting alongside the suffragette movement. The movie primarily […]

Project Dragonfly draws criticism and concerns

Photo courtesy of Google Google employees and American citizens have been calling for the popular search engine to cancel “Project Dragonfly,” which is a censored search engine that the company has reportedly been building for the Chinese market. Google CEO Sundar Pichai will testify in front of Congress on Tuesday, and […]

Survivor of Rwandan Genocide Shares Her Story

Photo courtesy of Adam Jones, Ph. D Eugenie Mukeshimana, survivor of the Rwandan genocide and founder of the Genocide Survivors Network, brought stories of her survival to Ramapo on Friday. Her lecture focused on the situations in Rwanda that led up to the genocide, how she survived and similar situations […]