Tag: Inclusion

Panel prepares LGBTQ+ students for the workforce

The Cahill Career Center teamed up with the Women’s Center and LGBTQ+ Services to host a panel titled Working While LGBTQ+. Four local LGBTQ+ identifying workers with varying careers served as the panelists, and the discussion was moderated by Career Advisor Alex Corsillo and Coordinator of the Women’s Center and […]

Disney Parks update dress codes to increase inclusivity

Photo courtesy of Miranda Campbell, Unsplash A surprising announcement came recently from the heads of Disney relating to the employee dress code at their respective parks, Walt Disney World and Disneyland. In a push for increased inclusivity and a move towards allowing more modern standards of acceptable dress, park employees […]

Intercultural dinner held to celebrate all cultures

Photo by Erica Meline There are many things to celebrate as the year comes to a close, and at Ramapo College, students united to celebrate their different cultures and backgrounds. The College’s Muslim Student Association held an Intercultural Dinner in Friends Hall last Thursday to mark the end of the […]

Mercer fields complaints at State of the College

Photo by Amanda Karp The 27th State of the College address held this Wednesday revealed long simmering tensions between students, staff and the administration. Students in the Black Student Union and others sat in the audience in silent protest, holding signs which read, “Ramapo recruits us then forgets us” and, […]

Student: More Diversity Needed Among Students. Faculty and Administration

Photo by Rebecca King President Mercer and school administrators hosted a Town Hall meeting in Friends’ Hall yesterday to address race and inclusion on campus. The meeting comes amidst the racial tensions at the University of Missouri that resulted in the resignation of the school’s president and chancellor. Ramapo’s first […]