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New Delhi residents are enduring heavy pollution

Photo courtesy of A. Savin, Wikipedia Residents of India’s capital are facing some of the highest air pollution levels possible as smog took over the city. The 21 million residents of New Delhi have been experiencing “hazardous” levels of pollution as of Nov. 2, as reported by the World Air […]

Researcher hosts talk on participatory theater

Photo by Dana Wehmann Research is often associated with boredom and dullness. When people think of research, they imagine hours of monotonous reading and analyzation, trying to decipher pages upon pages of dense text. Research does require extensive work, but many experts utilize unique methods to conduct intriguing research in […]

Student Recalls Life Changing Time Abroad in India

Photo courtesy of Michael Pacheco Senior Michael Pacheco loves hiking, reading, singing and, most of all, traveling. He has already been to many countries, including Germany, Austria, Italy, Portugal and Canada. However, he had never been to any of the Asian countries until last year when he got the opportunity […]

Ramapo Facilitates Summer Program to India

Amidst an emerging economy facing numerous social and environmental challenges, India has been actively rooting for clean technology and energy efficiency for a sustainable approach to development. According to the Huffington Post, Prime Minister Narendra Modi frequently shares his vision for, “sustainable economic growth without compromising on environmental safety.” Ramapo […]

Priyanca Mathur Velath Unpacks Refugee Crisis

Photo by Pauline Park Dr. Priyanca Mathur Velath of St. Joseph’s College gave a presentation on Thursday titled “Refugees, Migrants and the Nation-State: the ‘Insider-Outsider’ Paradox” in the Alumni Lounges. Velath discussed the issues of human rights violations that refugees face, that often go unreported to the public. “These are […]